Welcome to ABACAB Dog Grooming

My aim is to make the grooming experience enjoyable for your dog and at the same time provide you with a well groomed dog that is groomed to your requirements and expectations.

I am a City And Guilds trained stylist and have attained

a diploma in grooming and styling. I work from my home

environment and aim to give individual attention to each dog.

My Services

Health Benefits

Grooming helps to maintain your dogs health. Whilst grooming we check for lumps and bumps as well as any scratches or debris between paw pads

Home Benefits

A well groomed dog is a pleasure to own. They are more attractive, look happier and it certainly helps with the amount of loose hair around the house.

Healthy Coats

Regular grooming also helps in maintaining coat condition as regular brushing helps to better distribute natural oils from the dogs skin.

Happier Dogs

Regular brushing removes dead skin cells and loose hair keeping matts and knots at bay. Matts and knots can be very uncomfortable for your dog.



Beagle - Bishops Stortford


Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise - Odell


St Bernard - Pavenham

Layla and Leo

Miniature Schnauzers - Odell


Bichon Frise - Thurleigh


Poodle - Pavenham


Cavalier King Charles - Woolaston


Welsh Terrier - Radwell

Ruby Tuesday

Cockerpoo - Harrold


Séan and Bailey
- Bishops Stortford

Carols Service is exceptional

'My Beagle Bailey is a bit of a fusspot and a bit nervous of grooming, especially when it comes to having his nails clipped and ears cleaned. Carol takes the extra time necessary to get to know your dog and make him feel at ease. With Carol the experience of grooming is no longer a chore for him and when I pick him up he is always happy and looking great to boot! Now I have found Carol I simply wouldn't trust him with anyone else.'

Sophie, Nigel and Pippa
- Odell

Carol is great!

'We have been taking Pippa, our beautiful Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise, to Carol each month for some months now. Pippa is always so pleased to see Carol and her tail wags furiously when she sees her. Carol really takes care of Pippa, does a great job and takes a lot of pride in her work. Pippa always looks even more beautiful when she comes home! We are so pleased we found Carol and thoroughly recommend her without hesitation.'

Clare, Layla and Leo
- Odell

Such great care.

Layla has been coming to Abacab Dog Grooming since we moved into the village. Carol has always taken great care of her and she comes back looking well groomed and perfumed. She is often collected and walked for the 10 minutes to the grooming salon. Little brother Leo arrived with us just before Christmas and now goes happily off to be groomed with his big sister.

Rina and Tilly
- Thurleigh

Abacab to the rescue

'Tilly the Bichon Frise became very knotted when we were moving house and lacked the time to groom her to our normal standards. Our groomer was very busy and unable to fit her in but recommended we take her to Carol at Abacab Dog Grooming. She came back to us tangle free, well groomed and a happy dog once again. Carol managed to save length to the coat which was much appreciated.'

Martin and Meg
- Pavenham

Exactly as requested

'A friend who is the proud owner of a Cockerpoo recommended we take our Standard Poodle Meg, to Carol at Abacab Dog Grooming as our usual groomer is off to have her baby. We were a little worried as we like her groomed to our own style. We like her to have facial hair and unshaven feet. Carol listened to our requirements and she came back just the way we wanted her.

Andrew & Joanna Jones
- Harrold

Highly Recommended

"We are delighted to highly recommend Carol after her regular grooming of our Cockapoo Ruby Tuesday and do so at every possible opportunity."

Mrs Sutton and Benji
- Woolaston

Like a new dog

'Benji went to Carol as our past two groomers had closed down. I am in my 70s and not mobile so Carol kindly offered to come and collect Benji. He hadn’t been groomed for a while as he had been unwell. When he came back he was like a new dog. I would definitely send him there again.'

Reg and Janet
- Radwell

Definitely Returning

'Reg is a Welsh Terrier. Today we went to Abacab Dog Grooming for the first time. Reg took a real shine to Carol and we will definitely be returning to Abacab in the future. Reg came home clean and well clipped and a very happy dog. Carol is great with dogs.'


Dog Type Breed Price
Small smooth coated dogs wash and dry only. Clipping Jack Russels additional £5.00 Jack Russel, Beagle £25.00
Medium smooth coated dogs Rottweiler, Labrador £30.00
Giant smooth coated dogs Mastiff £40.00
Spaniel Trim Cocker spaniel, Springer spaniel, Cavalier king charles £35.00
Cockerpoo clip Cockerpoo £35.00
Cockerpoo wash and dry Cockerpoo £30.00
Terrier Trims West Highland, Scottish, Tibetan and Cairn terrier, long haired jack russel £35.00
Terrier Trims Yorkshire Terrier £30.00
Schnauser Trims Giant Schnauser £45.00
Schnauser Trims Miniature Schnauser £35.00
Bichon Frise Scissor Bichon Frise £50.00
Bichon Frise Clip Bichon Frise £35.00
Poodle Toy £30.00
Poodle Miniature £35.00
Poodle Standard £45.00
Toy Breeds Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso £35.00
Medium Breeds, Long Coated German Shepherd, Golden retriever, Japanese akita £40.00
Long Haired Breeds Full Cut Old English sheepdog, bearded collie £45.00
Long Haired Breeds Clip Off Old English sheepdog, bearded collie £35.00
Collies Border Collie £35.00
Collies Rough Collie £40.00
Hand Strip Border Terrier £35.00
Hand Strip Airedale £40.00
Large Breeds Newfoundland £45.00
NOTE: Very matted dogs will be charged an additional £5.00 - £10.00 depending on the state of the coat.

Extra care for your dog | general health checks

  • Ears should be odourless and have no discharge.
  • Eyes should be clear of discharge and the whites should not be bloodshot. The membranes around the eye should be a salmon pink
  • Gums should be salmon pink except in black mouthed dogs such at Rottweilers.
  • Teeth should be white and free of plaque
  • Body Check for any lumps and bumps
  • Teeth should be white with no build up of plaque.
  • Nails may be sharp and need trimming
  • Nose wet and shiny no crusting.
  • Skin should be free of scratches, lumps and bumps. Whilst looking at the skin area check for any flea or tick infestations
  • Pads should be free of burs and in good condition
  • Nails should be trimmed regularly, they should not touch the ground when the dog is walking

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